NorthBase-2 in winter sunset

Ground Station as a Service

NorthBase Oy is a Finnish high technology company founded in 2019, providing ground station
services to satellite operators. Our company HQ is in Tampere in Southern Finland, while the
ground station locations are in Tampere and in Muonio, the latter well North of the Arctic Circle.

NorthBase satellite ground station services

  • The use of space is developing rapidly. More and more nations and companies join the race for space, and while satellites and space flight has traditionally been a domain for nation-states, the biggest satellite constellations and most ambitious space exploration plans are now brought forward by private companies.
  • As a result, the number of satellites has grown and will continue growing rapidly. Unlike geostationary satellites – which are far from earth and are visible to half of the surface of the earth at a fixed position – MEO and LEO satellites orbit around the world and can only be seen in the vicinity of their current location. This brings forward a clear need for more ground station services around the globe.
  • The unfair competitive advantage of NorthBase is its close location to the North Pole combined with the benefits of its home country, Finland. First of all, as NorthBase is serving is clients from Northern Finland we can see the LEO satellites on polar orbit almost on every orbit – a clear benefit to our clients closer to the equator. Secondly, Finland is not only known only for being the country of happiest citizens and drinking most coffee in the world but also as one of the most transparent and least corrupted nations in the world. These together with our top-notch infrastructure and high-tech heritage mean that you can trust your satellite communications in our hands.
  • With our GSaaS offering you can concentrate on what you do best and leave the ground station operations to us. No matter if you are a university with one nanosatellite to put to orbit or if you are building a constellation of 1000+ satellites in the next few years, please be in touch and we shall discuss your needs.

NorthBase offers affordable, flexible and professional solutions for your GSaaS needs. To discuss how you could benefit from our services, feel free to get in touch with us!