Our services

NorthBase is a 100% Finnish owned company offering secure and flexible Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS). We operate from Finland which is known for its high technology and data security together with transparency and political stability.

NorthBase 1 Antenna

NorthBase-1 in Tampere

Our HQ ground station is located in Tampere, 61 ½ degrees northern latitude, where we offer RX and TX on UHF and VHF bands with yagi antennas. The station is intended for LEOP phase operation and small payload downlink needs.

NorthBase-2 in Muonio

Our northern station is a 3.9m parabolic antenna located in Muonio, 68 degrees northern latitude, providing uplink and downlink on S band and downlink on X band for smaller or large data transfer needs.

View of Lavivaara

Hosting services at 68° north latitude

We provide hosting services in Finland through the NorthBase Arctic Ground Segment (NAGS) concept. Please contact us to find a tailored solution for your needs.

Global ground station network

NorthBase can offer you global visibility to your satellites with low latency and high redundancy through our partner network.
Please contact us for details.