Pertti Yliniemi and Roope Takala join the
NorthBase board of directors

Tampere 18.05.2022

The annual general meeting of NorthBase has appointed two new members – Pertti Yliniemi and
Roope Takala – to the board of the company. Jari Mononen and Tommi Rasila will continue their
tenure as the other two members. While Jari Mononen, Pertti Yliniemi and Tommi Rasila represent
shareholders of the company, Roope Takala – being the founder and CEO or Aurora Propulsion
Technologies – is joining as an industry expert.

“I have been monitoring NorthBase from the very beginning of the company and – as a peer
entrepreneur – also provided informal assistance from time to time. It seemed now appropriate to
formalize this relationship and we are indeed looking forward to interesting development not only
in NorthBase but also in the business sector altogether”, says Roope Takala, whose company is a
technology leader in providing small satellite thrusters and deorbiting solutions.

“Now that we are finally entering business we also need to adjust our board accordingly. With the
expertise of Pertti and Roope we are strengthening our knowledge of Lapland and space – and
everything in between”, confirms Tommi Rasila, co-founder of NorthBase.

NorthBase is opening Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS) services from Finland in 3Q2022 as the
first private company in Finland.

More information: Dr. Tommi Rasila, Founder and Chairman

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