NorthBase teams up with GroundCom for UHF/VHF ground station

Tampere 05.08.2022

Tampere-based antenna targeted especially for LEOP services

NorthBase Oy (Ltd.), a Finnish new space startup, has been preparing a local satellite ground station NorthBase-1 in its hometown Tampere, the biggest city in Finland outside the capital area. NorthBase-1 is to start its operation in October 2022 on VHF and UHF bands, complementing NorthBase-2 which provides services on S and X bands from Muonio from September 2022 onwards.

“Our plan and schedule for NorthBase-1 changed a few times due to customer needs and external constraints, but we defined the needs, froze the specs and signed a contract with a capable partner so we are all systems go for our Tampere ground station”, tells NorthBase chairman Dr. Tommi Rasila. “Our stations NorthBase-1 in Tampere and NorthBase-2 in Muonio, Lapland, will form the base of a totally new business area in Finland and puts us on the world map in satellite ground station services”.

To realize the antenna NorthBase has teamed up with Czech-based GroundCom in developing and deploying a versatile antenna for all relevant needs on VHF and UHF bands. Companies are looking forward to extensive co-operation also beyond this single antenna. “We are targeting for a global network of satellite ground stations and NorthBase with its locations in Finland is a great partner for us in many ways”, explains Groundcom founder Mr. Jakub Lajmon. “The Tampere station is but a starting point – yet an important one – for our co-operation”.

NorthBase-1 is targeted for LEOP phase operation and smaller downlink needs. It consists of four yagi antennas, two for VHF and two for UHF bands. Location of the station is 61½ degrees north, providing excellent visibility to polar orbit LEO satellites. At the same time NorthBase-2 is being built in Muonio, scheduled to be in operation in late September 2022 offering services on S and X bands.

For further information, please contact:

NorthBase Oy
Founder and Chairman Tommi Rasila
Tel. +358 407 508 158

NorthBase in brief

NorthBase was founded in 2019 to develop and operate satellite ground stations in Finland. Company is in 100% Finnish ownership with headquarters in Tampere, serving earth-orbit satellite operators globally. Finland offers superb environment for satellite ground stations with its northern location, good infrastructure and stable operating environment.

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